We had a client who came to us with an IRS Tax Lien for $1.5 Million Dollars.  He hadn’t filed his taxes in several years.  We were able to file all of his back taxes and reduce his federal tax liability to $25,000.  Since he was going back to school to get his Master Degree, we were able to put him on Uncollectible Status with the IRS so they would not empty his bank accounts or put him on a payment plan.  We also decided to file an Offer-in-Compromise with the IRS to try and reduce that $25,000 tax liability to $1,800.  We told the client that the likelihood of getting the Offer accepted by the IRS was slim, but the costs of filing the Offer were worth the rewards and so the client decided to pursue the Offer-in-Compromise.  The client did actually receive acceptance from the IRS and was able to pay off his $1.5 Million dollar liability for only $1,800.