A client came to us with a $200,000 IRS Tax Lien.  His current accountant, who had been doing his taxes for years had decided to file an Offer-in-Compromise and they did it incorrectly and so the Offer was returned to the client as being Incomplete.  We met with this client for the first time and reviewed his past tax returns as well as the correspondence he had received from the IRS.  After obtaining authorization from the client to speak with the IRS on his behalf, we called the IRS to discuss the Tax Lien.  It only took us 15 minutes on the phone with the IRS to realize that the Tax Lien for $200,000 had a typo and that it should have been only $20,000.  The client did owe the $20,000, but the fact that the other Tax Accountant did not take the time to properly assess the situation and perform the necessary Due Diligence to plan a proper course of action. This cost the client a lot of anxiety and money which we were able to save.