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Businesses Impacted By Coronavirus

Apply now for the SBA Disaster Assistance Loan program for your small business.  The SBA is now taking applications for up to $2 million loans at 3.75% interest.

LB&J Certified Public Accountants is ready to help!  Our focus is on small businesses and strategy.  We assist small businesses in getting the funds needed to keep their business afloat through the SBA Disaster Assistance Program. Our CPAs have over 50 years of experience and are ready to help you and your business.

Even if you might not need the funding right now, there is no risk in applying for the loan and deciding later you don’t need it.  Our fees are contingent on your business getting the loan.  We do not get paid unless your business gets the loan.

Timeline and Expectations:

  • Have an initial consultation with one of our specialists so you understand the process, timeline and expectations,
  • We will send you the initial application to complete along with our engagement letter and terms of agreement,
  • During the 3-week period from the initial application to the response from the SBA, our goal is to understand your business and start putting together the necessary documents and financial records required to have the loan approved.
  • Once the SBA responds to the loan request, we negotiate with the SBA to get you the maximum loan amount needed to keep your business afloat.
  • Once the agreement is final, the SBA will wire funds into your business’ bank account. The process from initial application to funding will take at about 30 days.

Apply now by emailing us using the button below or contact us at (704) 288-0885 to speak with one of our specialists now.

Request A Consultation For Disaster Assistance

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