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Personal Tax Services

In Charlotte, NC

Tax Preparation

We are experienced CPAs that use the latest software and knowledge of current IRS and state regulations to ensure your taxes are prepared accurately and timely the first time.

  • 1040
  • Itemized deductions
  • Sole Proprietorship-Schedule C
  • Capital gains
  • Rental properties
  • Multi-state

Tax Strategy

We understand how tax regulations apply to individuals and how to implement tax planning strategies to minimize your tax liability.

  • Initial consultation to understand personal tax situation
  • Review prior year tax returns
  • Analyze current tax information
  • Strategize for future recommendations

International Tax

We are well versed in current international tax laws and their implications on individuals doing business across borders.

  • International tax planning
  • International tax compliance
  • Foreign tax credit planning
  • International tax structuring
  • International tax advisory

Audit Assistance

We provide professional advice and expertise in resolving federal, state and local tax notices and issues.

  • File back taxes
  • Set up payment arrangements and installment agreements
  • Assist with resolving levies and liens
  • Contest penalties
  • Provide audit representation before tax authorities

The Good News

There have been fewer audits over last few years

IRS Audits (In Millions)

  • Number Of Audits (in millions)

Source: USA Today

The Bad News

High income & no income tax returns are frequently audited

Percent Of Past Audited Returns

  • $0 or Less
  • $1-$25K
  • $25k-$50k
  • $50k-$75k
  • $75k-$100k
  • $100k-$200k
  • $200k-$500k
  • $500k-$1M
  • $1m-5m
  • $5m-$10m
  • $10m+

Source: The Motley Fool


We apply our deep knowledge of accounting requirements and the tax code to create customized tax strategies, potentially saving our clients thousands of dollars annually.

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